Darkness Falls

When you are flipping through the bins at your local record shop do you ever have an album stick out so much that you just have to own it?  It is almost like that record haunts you as you make your way through the store.  Darkness Falls did that to me.



I initially passed by this album, but then I was drawn in by its ominousness.  The cover is a weird gray wall looking thing with a lit fuse or something on it.  It looks a little strange and a little dangerous.  Add in the fact that it is called Darkness Falls and I just had to have it.  Is it black metal?  Is it something spooky?  Is it going to rock my face off?



Darkness Falls is a four-song EP.  It is not screaming metal; in fact, it is not heavy at all.  This record is generic-sounding, female-led, modern alternative that belongs on the soundtrack of a Wes Anderson movie……so long as you place the song titles symmetrically on the back cover.


This record is not bad.  It just is not special.  Darkness Falls is an EP of background music that does not interfere with the main action of your life.  The only time you will think about this record while it is on your turntable is when you need to flip it over.

Darkness Falls is unintrusive and forgettable.  None of your friends are going to exclaim “You have Darkness Falls?!?!? Put that shit on!”


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