Judy Garland – A Star Is Born

Think of all of the dollars that you have wasted in your life.  Maybe you put a dollar in the claw game at Kmart or you bought a scratch off lottery ticket or you tipped a server even though they were terrible or maybe you wasted a dollar when you bought a Coke and forgot it in the car.  I have wasted those dollars, too.  But, the one dollar that I spent on this record was not a waste.  Not at all.

A Star is Born is fantastic for its complex simplicity.  This record is not just a Judy Garland album of her showing off her ridiculous vocal prowess.  It is a jazz record and an over-the-top 50s musical score and a short radio drama.

First, Judy was incredible.  She was pure talent.  The ease at which she could produce an amazing vocal range is astonishing.  This record is an excellent example of Judy Garland’s superhuman skills.  She sings with a soft power and draws you in with the wisp in her voice before she blows you away.

The instrumentation on A Star is Born is nothing to sneeze at.  There are many jazz numbers mixed in with over-the-top Hollywood musical score.  The sound is big and bold and fills the room.  It brings to mind lots of color, flash, and style.

The last part of this record reminds you that it is from a movie.  There is dialogue in the medleys that make them feel like you are listening to the TV from another room.

If you run across this record you probably won’t have to spend much more than the $1 I spent on it.  So, buy it.

My favorite track (everyone’s favorite track on this record): The Man That Got Away

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