Black Stone Cherry – Black To Blues

Aside from my American accent, I really think that I would fit in living in the UK.  I love tea, Doctor Who, and Black Stone Cherry.  So, as long as I did not say much, my experience over there would be far from a Todd Margaret style disaster.  What does a southern rock band from Kentucky have to do with getting along well in the UK?  They are superstars across the pond.


Black Stone Cherry is one of those bands you see playing at 1:00 in the afternoon at a festival or in a bar with 250 people and think to yourself “Why aren’t these guys huge?”


Well, they are.  Just not here.  I believe it to be a crime against humanity that this band has been so overlooked in the United States, but it makes me happy that they have achieved the level of fame that they deserve somewhere in the world.


As I have written before, Black Stone Cherry is the direct descendant of the great southern rock bands of the 70s.  Their brand of music completely ignores the hair metal and new wave of the 80s and takes only a few slight cues from the grunge of the 90s to arrive at a sound that is a little more whiskey drinking and a little less weed smoking version of Marshall Tucker, Allman Brothers,  Lynyrd Skynyrd, et al.


Black to Blues is a fun EP of blues covers.  This is not an album of soundalikes; rather, this is an album of interpretations of blues standards.  Black Stone Cherry does not seem to fancy themselves as equals with Muddy Waters or Willie Dixon.  Instead, Black to Blues is an homage to these greats.


Hearing a Chicago blues song in the style of southern rock sounds like something you would hear on Jimmy Fallon, but it totally works.  Blues riffs and southern rock go hand and hand; this album exploits that fact.  This record should be played over and over at very loud volumes.  And, by God, I am going to let them down.


My favorite track: Built For Comfort




For comparison:




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