Ryan Adams – 29

Do you ever feel like you should not like a certain artist because only particular types of people are fans of that artist?  That is how I feel about Ryan Adams; most of his fans seem like douchey hipsters and I am not that way.  I don’t have a beard and I don’t drink small batch IPAs from a local brewery that you’ve never heard of, but I will hang out with you and listen to records with those guys.


29 is a mixture of sounds.  This record is old school sounding country, soft rock suitable for a doctor’s office, and heartfelt singer-songwriter songs you hear on a Tuesday night open mic.


When Ryan Adams goes country he really goes country.  His version of country music is timeless, full of heartache and soul, and makes me long for the Grand Ole Opry on my radio.  Portions of 29 also give me the vibe that I am in some professional office and waiting patiently in a chair while a secretary types away and an intern is filing papers.  The soft rock-ness of parts of this record are intensely low key.


Other than the country music portion, the singer-songwriter acoustic tracks on 29 are the most hipster.  But, those songs also seem to have the most emotion behind them.  Ryan’s soft yet powerful voice compliments that type of sound very well.



This is a nice record to put on while you are working on your laptop or just piddling around the house in your sweatpants.


My favorite track: 29


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