Jerry Lee Lewis – She Still Comes Around (To Love What’s Left Of Me)

Do you ever just want to be sad? Are you like me and sometimes find yourself needing to just sit with a drink and be down for a while? I would imagine that my therapist would say that it really is not healthy to do that, so lets not tell her.

Jerry Lee Lewis has the amazing ability to make sad songs sound even more somber with his piano.  This album is a perfect example of how bouncing and seemingly joyful piano music coupled with heartbreaking lyrics can stir serious emotion.  It is hard to describe how the contrast of sounds exasperate the sadness, but it really does.

She Still Comes Around (To Love What’s Left Of Me) is not completely mournful, but the majority of it is.  This is not the Great Balls of Fire Killer that you are used to hearing rock out; this is the Jerry Lee that is full of sorrow and walking the line between rock n roll and country.

This record is from 1969, but it sounds like it could easily be from the early 50s.  There is a youthfulness in Jerry Lee’s voice and a simplicity in the production that makes She Still Comes Around (To Love What’s Left Of Me) sound like it is from a much earlier era.

This album is not 50s rock and it is not late 60s country; this album is somewhere in between.  It is sad poolhall music.  It is tough-guy-crying-in-his-beer music.  It is fantastically sad and uniquely emotional.

This is an album that makes you feel something and that is what makes it amazing.

My favorite track: Today I Started Loving You Again

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