Eric Church – On The Rocks Live And (Mostly) Unplugged

Outlaw country music is easy to find if you know how to use a Google machine.  Outlaw country artists with mainstream success?  Well, that is a completely different story.

Eric Church is one of the very few modern outlaw country artists that have found their way into the hearts and minds of the mainstream country audience and God bless him for carrying on the soul of The Highwaymen and the like.

On The Rocks Live And (Mostly) Unplugged is a four song EP from Eric Church that gives you a tiny snapshot of his live show.  These four songs demonstrate his incredible writing ability along with his talent for stripping down a song while keeping its attitude intact.  Eric Church’s acoustic performance has more balls than most artists in mainstream, radio-friendly country music.

There is a massive amount of sass, badassness, and heartbreak all squeezed into four little songs on this EP.

This is the record in your collection that you could use as a way to introduce your more close-minded friends to non-radio country music.

Oh, you like how Eric Church sounds on the album?  Have you heard of Whitey Morgan?  

My favorite track: Chattanooga Lucy

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