Nikki Lane – Highway Queen

Do you sometimes hate getting asked about the music you like?

Here’s a conversation that I have often and I haven’t figure out how not to sound like an asshole.

Them: You like country music?  Me too!  So you like people such as Luke Bryan, Florida Georgia Line, and Jason Aldean? Luke Bryan is my favorite!

Me: I am not a fan of those guys.  I don’t like the mainstream country music that is played  on the radio.

I am convinced that as soon as I give that answer the person I’m talking to calls me an asshole in their head.  I cannot figure out how to not sound like an asshole while also letting them know that I like real country music and not the shit on the radio.

Nikki Lane is real country.  She sounds like she stepped out of the hills of East Tennessee in the late 60s.  There is a seductive smoothness to her raspy, breathy voice.  Nikki Lane never seems to overexert her voice, but rather she sings with laidback ease.

Highway Queen is full of great guitar work and the cry of a steel guitar.  There are tongue-in-cheek lyrics, traditional country sounds, and heartbreak on this record.

This is an album you will want to play for your friends that listen to mainstream country.  Highway Queen is real country music, but is accessible enough not to scare off people who are adverse to discovering new music on their own.

My favorite track: Forever Lasts Forever

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