Goat – Requiem

Have you ever felt that your music collection is lacking in the weird-shit-but-I-kind-of-like-it-category?  Well, have I got an album for you!

Requiem should absolutely scratch that itch.  It is weird, but not too weird.  It is good, but not too good.  This is a record that you can love, hate, and have zero opinion about all at the same time.

Requiem is labeled as experimental folk rock, but that could mean so many things.  What it sounds like to me is the soundtrack that should be playing in the gift shop after you get off of the Disney Jungle Cruise or maybe it is the music you hear in the waiting room of the spa that is in the hotel where you stay during your down time while on safari in Africa.

There is a tribal sound that resonates throughout Requiem.  That sound is not the main focus of the record, but more of an underlying layer.  The tribal flow that lies underneath helps move the music along and allows you to be more open and accepting of the weirdness.

When Requiem is not overly strange it can actually kick some ass, but it is few and far between on this album.

This is not anyone’s favorite record.  This is a record you keep in your collection because it is different and interesting and fun to listen to occasionally.

My favorite track: Goatfuzz

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