Willie Nelson – Always On My Mind

I absolutely love discovering old albums.  I especially love discovering old albums that I thought I knew.

I bet that you, like me, have flipped past this record a hundred times in the past six months.  Each time I see it I have the same thought “meh, it is just more Willie Nelson.”

Well, stop that line of thinking and pay the two dollars for this album.  Seriously, I paid two dollars and it is fantastic.  Side A of Always On My Mind is one heart-wrenching country song after another.  Then, you flip over the wax just to put yourself through the same pain and agony of more incredibly sad country music.

Listening to the kind of emotional pain that permeates throughout Always On My Mind is almost addicting.  You can’t stop yourself from wallowing in the woe, breathing in the bleakness, and grappling with the grief.  And just like Artax in the Swamp of Sadness, you are going to lose.

The beautiful heartbreak on this record is overwhelming, but welcomed.  Put this album on the turntable and allow yourself to be vulnerable.

My favorite track: Last Thing I Needed Forst Thing This Morning

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