Cary Ann Hearst – Lions and Lambs

Who is the artist or band that you absolutely have to own everything they’ve ever released?  I am sure there are at least a couple on your list that are almost impossibly unobtainable.  For instance, I love Jack White, but getting everything he has released is damn near impossible.

However, there is another band that I love and I can much more easily own everything connected with them.

If you don’t know Shovels & Rope please look them up.  They are country and rock and blues and Americana and soul all rolled into one.  This record is basically a Shovels & Rope album even though it is credited just to one half of the band.  I say that because Michael Trent, the other half of the band, was a big part of recording this album.

Lions and Lambs is more country than anything.  It is bar-room country.  The music has grit and it has heart and it has soul.

Cary Ann’s voice is from another time.  She sounds like she stepped out from a backstage conversation with Dolly and Loretta.

Lions and Lambs is the country record that you didn’t know that you needed.  And, as an extra added bonus, Mr. Butch Walker plays on this album.

My favorite track: The Last Time

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