Aerosmith – Live! Bootleg

How many times have you heard your friends say “their early stuff is way better”? Maybe you have been guilty of saying something similar; I know that I have.

It really should not be seen as a negative thing to like one phase of a band’s existence and not another.  Bands evolve and you don’t have to like every decision that those bands make.

Aerosmith in 1978 is not the same as Aerosmith in the 80s; Aerosmith in 1978 is definitely not the same as Aerosmith in the 90s; and Aerosmith in 1978 is a far cry from Aerosmith in the 2000s and beyond.  If you only know this band from the 90s and 2000s, Live! Bootleg is going to sound completely different and new to you.

Live! Bootleg is a unique blend of 70s rock sounds.  This album is not stoner rock, metal, prog rock, or psychedelic.  However, it sounds explicitly 1970s.  It is bluesy and heavy like an amped up version of The Stones.

Live! Bootleg is a fun listen for a couple of reasons.  First, it really is great.  It is hard and heavy melodic 70s rock.  Second, it is interesting to hear the beginning of Aerosmith’s evolution.  It is a live rock album that is well worth your time and the few bucks it will cost you.

My favorite track: I Ain’t Got You

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