Mastodon – Emperor Of Sand

There are some bands it behooves you to know for you are a better and more rounded person because you listen to their music.  Mastodon is one of those bands.

Will you hear them on the radio?  No.

Will your friends be talking about them all the time?  Probably not.

But, those things don’t matter when you have a deep understanding and respect for the type of rock music that Mastodon is capable of.

Emperor of Sand is solid.  It is consistent and heavy through and through.  There are no slow spots; there are no songs specifically placed on this album to be a single; there is not one iota of sell out on this record.  Emperor of Sand just flat fucking rocks.

This record sounds like what Black Sabbath could have evolved into if Ozzy had stayed clean and the 80s never happened.  The basis of Emperor of Sand is definitely 70s metal mixed with hints of spacey psychedelics, late 90s rock, and a touch of Rush.

This is the record that you put on because you like it heavy, but cannot be bothered with catchy lyrics.  You can either zone out while listening or you can study the tiny intricacies in the music.

Emperor of Sand is well worth your money.

My favorite track: Precious Stones

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