Osmosis Jones

How many times have you been in your local record store and thought to yourself “it is only five dollars”?

That was my exact thought when I saw the soundtrack for Osmosis Jones.  Seriously, I would have paid five bucks just to frame this glorious reminder of a spectacularly shitty animated movie.  But, I am not going to relegate this record to a life of hanging on the wall forgotten about; I want this album on the shelf and ready to hop on the turntable at a moments notice.

This album could easily be disc 7 of Time Life’s 14 disc set of early 2000s Top 40.  It is full of artists that you mostly recognize, but the songs, for the most part, are unknown.  Osmosis Jones is an homage to a time when contemporary hit radio was full of R & B vibes.

There are three types of Top 40 music from the early 2000s:  the soulful and young black songstress, the rap artist that needs a hit, and the boy band.  Osmosis Jones features all three.  When this soundtrack is on the turntable I am immediately transported back to 2001 and I am a 20 year old college dropout working at a terrible Top 40 radio station in Rome, GA thinking that I am hot shit when in reality I was awful.  Damn it.  Thanks for making me feel bad, Osmosis Jones.

You probably won’t see this record at your local shop.  However, if you do see it and you long for a time when R & B influenced every single damn song on the radio, buy it.

My favorite track is a song that I forgot even existed: St. Lunatics Summer in the City.

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