Foo Fighters – Songs From The Laundry Room

Do you dream about being a fly on the wall so you can witness your favorite band’s creative process?  You would be able to see just how they form the sound that you love.  Records like this one get you as close to that dream as you will probably ever get.

Songs From the Laundry Room is an EP of Foo Fighters demos.  Basically, it is four songs from Dave Grohl where you can hear him working out exactly what the Foo Fighters sound is going to be.

This album is not far off from what finally became the sound that makes a Foo Fighters record Foo Fighter-y.

The four tracks are similar in the fact that they are Dave Grohl tracks, but there are subtle differences evident of a work in progress.  This EP ranges from heavy to pop rock to groovy jams.

This record was released as a Record Store Day exclusive a couple of years ago, but it has been re-pressed and should be easy for you to find.  If you are a fan of Dave Grohl at all you need this in your collection.

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