Margo Price – Live At The Hamilton

On April 6, 2016 I wrote a blog post here claiming that Margo Price’s album might very well be the best album of 2016; a year later I still stand by that statement.

In the year since I wrote that post Margo has become the darling of Nashville.  Coincidence?  Of course it is.  I am not under any sort of delusion that I can make or break a career.  But, maybe I helped a little…

Live At The Hamilton is not a recording from a giant stadium show or a cathedral-like theater, instead it is a live recording from a modern and intimate live music space.  The atmosphere in the room translates to the wax as being incredibly chill and relaxed.  It sounds as though a select lucky few got to witness a time traveling country songstress grace the world with an unforgettable performance.

Seriously, Margo Price is from another time.  A time when genius female country songwriters ruled Nashville.

Margo Price is on point.  Live At The Hamilton demonstrates just how effortlessly she can be perfect.  Can you tell that I like her?

Honestly though, this album is a callback to a different era of country music.  Heartbreak songs, tongue in cheek two-stepping songs, and amazing covers of country legends make up this record.

There is a downside: you probably cannot walk into your local record store and find this album.  Why?  It is from the Third Man Records Vault.  If you do find it at your local record store, it will be pricey.

My favorite track: Me and Bobby McGee

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