Hard Working Americans – Rest In Chaos

How many albums have you bought because someone you trust suggested them?  I would guess that a full quarter of my record collection is made up of albums that were recommendations; this album is one of those suggestions.

A friend, and fellow vinyl aficionado, that I have known since I was in high school introduced me to Hard Working Americans’ first album, so I when I ran across this record I had an idea of what I was getting.

Is a band a “supergroup” if the members are from niche bands in the first place?  I suppose.  Rest In Chaos is the second album from this “supergroup” and if you own beard oil and love craft IPAs, you will probably lose your shit over this record.  If you are like me and are a more than casual music fan, then you will like this album, too.

Rest In Chaos is on the classic rock sounding side of the jam band spectrum, but definitely, has that quintessential jam band feel.  There is a dash of southern rock in the mix as well.  The musicianship on this album is well above average and sounds familiar even when it is brand new to you.

Todd Snider’s vocals sound like a mix of Shawn Mullins, Tom Petty, Joe Cocker, and Steven Tyler when he sings low and slow instead of screaming.

Rest In Chaos is a solid classic sounding rock n roll album full of music that does not have a home anywhere on mainstream radio.  Pick up this record, enjoy it, and tell your friends about it.

My favorite track: Burnout Shoes

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