Volbeat – Beyond Hell/Above Heaven

Do you ever hear a band or album and think to yourself “how the hell did I miss this when it first came out?”

That is how I feel about Volbeat.  I have a passing knowledge of them and I enjoy their songs that I have caught on satellite radio, but I never did seek out their music and I have been missing something great.  Beyond Hell/Above Heaven has made me a fan.

I picked this record up on a whim and I am glad that I did.  It truly is a fun rock album.  It is a double LP that moves quickly without any breaks to slow down.  There are not any I-am-going-to-run-to-the-bathroom-during-this-song-tracks.

As for Volbeat’s style, it cannot easily be put into a simple category.  They are power pop punk rockabilly metal.

Portions of Beyond Hell/Above Heaven are reminiscent of 80s Metallica.  It is fast, heavy, and aggressive.  When they are heavy, they are damn heavy.  But, other portions of this record are pop rock that is very radio friendly with bouncing happy vocals layered on top of rock guitars and a double bass drum.  Then, there are pieces of punk similar to both Green Day and Dropkick Murphys.  Finally, portions of this album are a heavy metal style of rockabilly.

All of these sounds are coupled with some of the most unique rock vocals I have ever heard; they are immediately identifiable.

Beyond Hell/Above Heaven is a solid rock album from start to finish.  Pick it up at your local record store and you will not be disappointed.

My favorite track: Who They Are

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