Turnpike Troubadours – Goodbye Normal Street

How many times have you had this conversation in your personal life?

You: Oh my God! Check out what I found at the record store!!

Someone who is not near as excited: Oh…..ok……cool?

You: Why can’t you care about what I care about?!?!?!

I don’t have anyone in my close circle that gets anywhere near as excited about finding random things at the record store; that is why I have you.

Goodbye Normal Street is not rare or valuable, but it is great and I have never seen it in the bins at a record store, so I was very happy to find it.

This record is modern red dirt Texas country.  It features traditional country instruments and sounds, but they are very polished and smooth.  There is never an overpowering sense of twang or bluegrass or honky tonk or western swing, but all of those elements live in harmony with the sound on this album.

The vocals on Goodbye Normal Street are different than most country albums you will find.  While there is a little bit of a twang, it is very subtle.  The vocals alone have more of a singer-songwriter feel, but when they are coupled with a pedal steel and fiddle they become red dirt country.

If you have that one friend that is obsessed with the crap country on the radio, play them this album and they might just be willing to expand their horizons.

My favorite track: Good Lord Lorrie

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