Neal Hefti – Hefti In Gotham City

When you go out for new records do you like to take advice and suggestions from the shop owners?  I can see where some people like to be left alone, but you really should talk to these guys because they live the music every single day of their lives.

I was at a big record sale in Avondale Estates, GA with a lot of shop owners and independent collectors selling tons and tons of albums.  I was flipping through a bin when the man who owned the booth noticed my Batman tattoo.

He asked “Did you notice the Hefti album in there?”  At first it did not dawn on me what he had asked and I just answered with a “no, I must have missed it.”  Well, God bless this dude because he pulled out this gem for me.

Neal Hefti composed the theme song for the original 1960s Batman TV series.  But, Hefti in Gotham City is not an album of music in the same vein as the theme.  However, the cover is beautiful…….if you happen to be a big fan of all things Batman.

Hefti in Gotham City sounds like you have been teleported back in time to New York City in the mid-1960s and have wandered into a big band jazz club filled with men in suits, cigarette smoke, expensive cocktails, and gorgeous women.  This record makes you feel cool enough and dapper enough to be in that club.

The big band sound of the 60s has tiny flares of psychedelic-ness and drips with an unmistakable desire to dance.

This is not a Batman record.  It is a brilliant composer capitalizing on his most famous composition to sell more records.  The music on this album could have been cobbled together and sold under a different title and theme and been just as great, but would not have been as popular.

If you are a fan of 1960s era cool, buy this record.

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