Run The Jewels 3

Have you ever had an epiphany?  I have never had one about anything important, but an epiphany just hit me as I was listening to this record.

I have been listening to Run The Jewels 3 for a few weeks digitally, but it wasn’t until I dropped the needle on the vinyl that I realized the issue I have with country music and the artists that get radio airplay vs. artists that do not is really a bigger issue that I have with music and radio in general.  I hate that the radio industry I have worked in for 20 years has decided to shun some phenomenal artists.

Run The Jewels should be hip hop royalty.  They should have chart topping songs and be known worldwide, but they aren’t because their brand of hip hop does not sound like the rest of the crap being played on the radio.  Run The Jewels 3 is full of clever lyrics, unique beats unlike anything you have ever heard, and smooth flows.

Killer Mike and El-P create a hip hop sound like no other.  Run The Jewels 3 is an album you can put on the turntable and jam.

The overall groove on this record is one that fits many occasions.  Want to relax with a cigar?  A slow head bob is appropriate while sitting back and listening to this record.  Want to turn it up loud with a fuck-the-man-attitude?  Run The Jewels 3 fits that feeling, too.  Want to be impressed by genius lyrics?  Then, you need to buy this damn album.

Can’t contain the disdain for y’all demons

You talk clean and bomb hospitals

So I speak with the foulest mouth possible

And I drink like a Vulcan losing all faith in the logical

I will not be confused for docile

I’m free, motherfuckers, I’m hostile

My favorite track: A Report to the Shareholders/Kill Your Masters

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