The Raconteurs- Live At Irving Plaza NYC

When your friends and family find out that you are really into music someone will undoubtedly ask “but who is your favorite favorite?”  I hate questions like that because I have trouble deciding.  But, over the years, I have formulated a standard answer for these situations:

I think that everything Jack White touches is gold…..except for that one time he worked with Insane Clown Posse

Live at Irving Plaza NYC is no exception to that rule.  It is a recording of the first ever North American performance from The Raconteurs and they are on fire.  This is not a band made up of rookies or chumps or one superstar and a few other guys rounding out the group; this is a band full of ridiculously talented musicians that are independently successful and mesh incredibly well on stage.

This record can be summed up in three words: polished garage rock.  Live at Irving Plaza NYC captures the energy and excitement of The Raconteurs and also shows off how perfected their sound was even in the beginning.  The grittiness in their sound is perfectly balanced with smooth vocals and melodies.

My favorite track: Five on the Five 

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  1. Good Review!!!
    Could you digitize this album and share it? It is almost impossible for me to buy it and I can’t get it anywhere. Thank you


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