Turnpike Troubadours – Goodbye Normal Street

There is never an overpowering sense of twang or bluegrass or honky tonk or western swing, but all of those elements live in harmony with the sound on this album.  

Willie Nelson and Leon Russell – One For The Road

My knowledge of Leon Russell is very limited: I know that he is greatly respected in the music world; I know he has worked with some of the greatest musicians to walk the Earth; I know that my uncle tells a story about sleeping with his wife one time.

Neal Hefti – Hefti In Gotham City

Hefti in Gotham City sounds like you have been teleported back in time to New York City in the mid-1960s and have wandered into a big band jazz club filled with men in suits, cigarette smoke, expensive cocktails, and gorgeous women.

Run The Jewels 3

Killer Mike and El-P create a hip hop sound like no other.  Run The Jewels 3 is an album you can put on the turntable and jam.