Cody Jinks – I’m Not The Devil

Do you want to move?  Is there an area of the country that you’d rather be in?

I feel like I would enjoy Texas because I thoroughly enjoy the music that comes out of The Lone Star State, but the smart half of my brain tells me that I would probably hate it.  I don’t like horses, dirt, rodeos, wearing tight jeans, ignorant people, or guns; I don’t think I would fit in.  I think I will just stick to being a fan of the music.

I’m Not The Devil is rodeo music.  Cody Jinks’ sound has the spirit of George Strait and King George’s influence is very apparent on this record.  Vocally he is not a George Strait clone, but the tempo in his voice and structure of the songs are very Strait-esque.  There is also some Chris LeDoux, early Garth Brooks, and a little Waylon in the mix.

Musically, this album is quintessentially Texas country.  The cry of the pedal steel on I’m Not The Devil is sometimes heartbreaking; the fiddle solos somehow make you feel lonely; the lyrics can cause a sadness to well up inside that waters your eyes, but brings along with it a small grin.  There is a great amount of merit in the complex simplicity of the sound on the album.

This record is as country as real country music can get.  You might be hard-pressed to find I’m Not The Devil in your local record store; you will have to ask them to order it and that is exactly what you need to do.

My favorite track: Grey

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