Mötley Crüe – Shout at the Devil

What albums or artists were you forbidden from listening to as a kid?  There were a few things that I was discouraged from listening to and Mötley Crüe was definitely on my parent’s list of “you don’t need to listen to that.”

Shout at the Devil came out before I was three years old, but I am sure that the controversy surrounding the album and its imagery are what stuck with my conservative Southern Baptist parents.  No album with a pentagram on the cover could be anywhere near wholesome.  Plus, look at the heathens making the music.

It is difficult to listen to Shout at the Devil and determine if it sounds like hair metal or if hair metal just sounds like Shout at the Devil.  This is the sound that defined an era of music.

One takeaway from listening to Shout at the Devil again is that this form of metal does not sound as full as more modern examples.  There is a tinniness to the music that needs more low end.  I would like to hear a band cover these songs with a double bass drum and more low-end grit in the guitars.

However, this record stands up.  It is fun party hair metal.  There is a lightheartedness to the music that makes it great to turn up loud and lose yourself in the 80s glam.  I paid $20 for my copy and would gladly spend that much or more again.

My favorite track: Helter Skelter

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