Southern Family

Imagine for a moment that you can recruit any number of artists to join forces and record an album for you; who would you pick?  What kind of album would it be?  At this point in my life I would probably choose to make a real country album.

Damn it if daydreams don’t come true…

Southern Family is as close to my dream team of real, honest country artists as I am going to get in this lifetime.  Jason Isbell, Shooter Jennings, Miranda Lambert, Holly Williams, and more make up the group of fantastic artists found on Southern Family.

This record sounds exactly like you want it to.  It is a true country album full of simple songs; pain and hope and heartbreak and joy can all be found within the choruses on Southern Family.  Artists from the upper echelon of the mainstream, but with roots in the red dirt sound fit well alongside artists that have not yet lost their way.

I honestly love this record and I want to listen to it over and over.

I want to get drunk to this record.  I want to cry with this record.  I want to make love to this record.  But, I do have one issue with Southern Family: the liner notes inside the gatefold.

This record takes itself just a little too seriously.

This is music as folk art, inspired by the hardships of resilient Southerns of all cultures.  These are songs as prayers, spoken in whispers that can only be heard by members of previous generations sharing a church pew with the artists that carry their legacy.

Ok, get over yourself.  It is a phenomenal country album, but that’s it.

Despite that little hiccup, I freaking love this album.  Go buy it.

My favorite track:

Shooter Jennings Can You Come Over

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