Avenged Sevenfold – The Stage

Do you like songs or albums?  I am guessing that if you are reading this blog that you are like me and really enjoy albums as a whole.  There is something satisfying about sitting and listening to an entire piece of work from an artist; The Stage begs to be listened to as one cohesive work of art.

This record is a heavy metal rock opera set in our solar system looking at our planet as a whole.  Well, that is what I hear.

The Stage sounds like Andrew Lloyd Webber dropped acid, went to a Rush concert, and decided to hire metal musicians to play the soundtrack to his drug-induced visions.  There are organs, horns, double bass drums, orchestra strings, math rock-esque guitars, and a little Led Zeppelin flare incorporated into the sound from A7X.  This record has a very big air about it; there’s a feeling when listening that is hard to describe, but this sense of bigness is definitely there.

M. Shadows’ voice is very unique and it fits quite nicely with the atmosphere of this record.  There never seems to be any strain in his vocals, but they are very powerful.

My favorite track: Higher

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