Whitey Morgan and the 78s – Born, Raised, & Live From Flint 

In the immortal words of Cherlene, “OUTLAW COUNTRY!!! WOOO!!!!”

(If you don’t understand the reference, please go watch Archer on Netflix)

Recently I have had an incredible soft spot for anything that sounds like real, honest country music; I find myself being unconsciously drawn to these records.  The positive thing is that I am discovering a wide world of artists that I have missed out on.  My vinyl collection is slowly being taken over by these musicians and I am not going to argue.

Whitey Morgan is a name that I have seen around when I have searched for new sounds online.  I enjoy scouring the Texas country music charts for music that is new to me and Whitey’s name popped up more than a few times, so I wanted to check him out.  In case you don’t know, the Texas country music charts are completely different that the country music charts for the rest of the United States.

Simply put: Whitey Morgan is outlaw country.

Born, Raised, & Live From Flint sounds like it was recorded in a dark, dank, dingy honky tonk in 1977 just before Waylon Jennings took the stage.  This record is country as hell.  It bleeds heartache, Budweiser, twang, and Marlboro smoke.  I can almost feel the burly man across the room glaring at me for checking out his woman.

Whitey Morgan and the 78s embody everything that is missing in mainstream country music on this album.  Grab a beer, your girl, and your cleanest pearl button shirt, and two-step in your living room to Born, Raised, & Live From Flint.

My favorite track: Another Round

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