Best Of Batman Arkham Knight 

Besides vinyl, of course, what is that one thing you are in to and everyone knows it?  My answer would be all things Batman.  I love the movies, cartoons, games, book, comics, footed pajamas…….

Therefore, it is only natural for me to have a Batman score on vinyl.

Best of Batman Arkham Knight is a score that rivals any major motion picture.  There is an intensity to the music that will cause your pulse to race and your senses to heighten.  The music has an industrial edge to the orchestral sounds.  That coupled with Gregorian style chants makes for a creepy air to this record.

I love it because it is Batman, but I wonder am I actually going to listen to this album?  Then, it hit me: this album will make house chores much more exciting.

Race the Riddler while rinsing dishes!  Corner Catwoman with the broom while sweeping!  Vanquish Victor Zsasz with the vacuum!  Foil Firefly with folded laundry!  Tackle Two-Face and taking out the trash at the same time!

Seriously, this record will intensify any mundane activity.

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