Avatar -Black Waltz

Random. Random. Random.

I had never heard of this band.  I had no reason for them to be on my radar.  So, big shout out to my local record store, Comeback Vinyl, for finding a copy of a four year old Swedish metal album when I asked for it.

It is not unheard of for me to want an album from a Swedish metal band and it is not unheard of for me to email my friends at Comeback Vinyl and ask for an album that they’ve never heard of, but this just seemed so random.  I heard less than a minute of a song by this band on SiriusXM and decided that I wanted to hear more.  So, I did something very dangerous and I googled Avatar while driving and then sent an email asking my record store if they could get me a copy because I could only find copies in Europe.  In less than a week they had it for me.

The song I heard isn’t even on this album; the lesson here is to not Google and drive.  But, it’s ok.

Black Waltz is dark and melodic metal.  It is the type of album that you listen to with your friends while wearing black t-shirts and playing pool in a smoke-filled basement with that one overweight girl there in the corner because she just wants to be included.  Simply put, it is goth rock.  However, it is a little more than run-of-the-mill goth rock.

Black Waltz has some seriously impressive musicianship.  This record is solid.  The music is very heavy, but the melodies still have a feeling of being able to sing along.  The overwhelming amount of screaming vocals will make that pretty difficult though.

There are some moments on Black Waltz that will make you scratch your head.  Avatar utilizes a harmonica, slide guitar, choir singers, the sound of children laughing on a playground, and a carnival organ.  Additionally, the title track features traditional waltz timing.  I could literally ballroom dance with my Big Mama to Swedish metal.

This record will not be an album that I put on when I want to relax; this will be on the list of records to play when I am in the mood to kill someone.

My favorite track: Use Your Tongue

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