Tennessee Jet – Reata

What album do you own that you know for a fact none of your friends have?  Is it the album you pull out and beg them to just sit and listen to?  Tennessee Jet records are those albums for me.

Reata is the second album from Tennessee Jet that I own and the very first album project I have supported on Kickstarter.  I don’t know anyone who has heard of him, but I know plenty of people who would love his sound.

Reata is stripped down old-school country, mostly.  This album is the perfect soundtrack to a sad and slow road trip across the plains of Texas to the funeral of your oldest friend.  Simple vocal work mixed with basic guitars, a crying pedal steel, and rudimentary drum beats gives Tennessee Jet an elegant canvas with which to paint his lyrical masterpieces.

Reata is haunting.  The music hangs heavy in the air and it allows you to breathe it in.

The few parts of this record that don’t sound like the Grand Ole Opry in its heyday are reminiscent of The White Stripes’ songs that have a country edge.  Overall, Reata is a sad country album.  It is a record that calls upon its audience to sit and reflect and let it tug at your heart.

My favorite track is the incredibly sad How I Remember.

Currently, there is only one song from this album on YouTube, so it is the one that I’ll post here.

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