Lamb of God – The Duke 

If you’re like me then you love to hear that the bands you enjoy are super cool to their fans.  I’ve had the opportunity in my life to meet many different artists from many different genres at many different levels of fame and my conclusion is that the nicest and most giving artists overall are either country or heavy metal acts.

Lamb of God, specifically Randy Blythe, went above and beyond for a dying fan in the most incredible way: they became friends and then wrote a song about him. The story of how Wayne Ford and Randy Blythe’s relationship developed is touching and makes The Duke even better to listen to.  I also love that the story is included in the liner notes of the EP.

Lamb of God is heavy.  Very heavy.  The Duke is an EP of two previously unreleased songs and three live tracks and this record shows that not only does Lamb of God have range, but they are a fantastic live band.

The title track is a slight departure from the traditional Lamb of God sound and I suspect it sounds a little different to make sure that it stands out and allows Wayne Ford’s memory to shine.  Don’t get me wrong this is no power ballad, but it is definitely easier to understand lyrically than the rest of this record.

The live tracks on The Duke show off Lamb of God’s ability to be damn near perfect while performing live.  They play heavy and fast and do not miss a beat.  Blythe’s vocals are a delightful mix of scream and growl.

This EP is an amazing tribute to a fan.  I hope that one day I can muster even half the courage that Wayne Ford had.

My favorite track is the obvious one: The Duke

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