Shooter Jennings – Family Man

Is there something about your job that you don’t really love, but you just have to deal with?  I have a new job working for a country radio station.  If you have read much of my blog you know how I feel about the music that is played on “country” radio stations, but I need a paycheck so I will have to grin and bear it.

Family Man is the kind of country music that does not get played on the radio; it is the good kind.  This album came out in 2012 amidst Florida Georgia Line, Taylor Swift, Luke Bryan, and more.  Ugh.

Shooter Jennings is cut from the same cloth as his father, so if you like Waylon you will like Shooter.

This record is simple story-telling country music; it is the type of country music that you listen to while sitting on a screened in porch on a Sunday afternoon or driving a truck through the backroads on a Friday night.  It has heart and it has soul.

Family Man is a little bit of blues and a little bit of Southern rock mixed with the time-honored Grand Ole Opry-style country. This is the most traditional sounding LP I have heard from Shooter.  Lyrically it is still very much an outlaw record, but musically it would fit in with the greats of Nashville.

You might have to order this record online, but if you like real country music Family Man is worth the effort to find it.

My favorite track: The Deed and The Dollar

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