Prophets Of Rage – The Party’s Over

Have you been missing some Rage in your life?  Buy The Party’s Over.  Seriously, do it.

The Party’s Over is a Record Store Day Black Friday limited release; it was a run of 5000 copies, so it is still widely available.  If you have been missing Rage Against The Machine, this is the closest you are going to get.  And, it is pretty much a Rage EP.

The first song on this record, Prophets of Rage, sounds a lot like Bring The Noise by Anthrax and Chuck D back in 1991, especially if you imagine Scott Ian’s guitar with a little Morello funk mixed in. The last song, No Sleep Til Cleveland, sounds like a Public Enemy cover of the Beastie Boys.

The rest of this album is a Rage Against The Machine album.  B-Real from Cypress Hill kind of sounds like Zack de la Rocha and Chuck D’s vocals add some flavor, but the funky sound Tom Morello can make with a guitar defines Rage.

These are not bad things, they are good things.  I loved Rage Against The Machine and, even though I do not necessarily identify with them politically, I wish we could have new music from them.

My favorite track: The Party’s Over

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