The Monkees – Good Times! Plus!

Do you have albums that immediately brighten your day?  Add this 10″ EP to that list.

Good Times! Plus! is a Record Store Day Black Friday limited release that I picked up specifically because I loved watching reruns of The Monkees on TV when I was a kid.  This EP is a collection of B-sides from the critically acclaimed Good Times! album.

I don’t own Good Times!, even though I have heard good things about it, so I did not know fully what to expect from Good Times! Plus!

One word: timeless.

The Monkees’ sound is the same as it has always been; it is fun vocal pop-rock that makes you smile.  I seriously don’t think you could be angry while listening to this record.  And, honestly, when you have The Monkees on the turntable why would you ever be angry?

Good Times! Plus! is a perfect taste of finger-snapping, head-bobbing 60s pop rock.  A four song EP allows you to enjoy the sound and feeling without over doing it with the sugary sweetness of sound that can make your jaws hurt if you hear too much of it.

My favorite track is Love’s What I Want because I am a sucker for when Mickey Dolenz really gets into it.

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