Butch Walker – Cassette Backs 

I am not friends with Butch Walker.  We are from the same area in Northwest Georgia, my radio career has allowed me to meet him a few times, and on the occasions that I do run into Butch he does recognize me after I tell him who I am.  We are not actually friends, but that doesn’t keep me from feeling like we are connected somehow.

Not in a stalkerish kind of way; don’t get crazy.  Butch Walker’s music has a way of drawing you in and making you feel like he is just hanging out and telling you a story.  Sometimes it is a really fun, sing-a-long, story and other times it is a really powerful and sad story.

Cassette Backs is a Record Store Day Black Friday limited release of songs and outtakes from the Stay Gold sessions.

The sound of this LP is split.  Some of the songs sound as though, and probably are rough drafts.  They are Butch and a guitar.  I love that sound because it is a peek behind the curtain.  As a listener, you get the chance to hear part of Butch’s creative process.  Other songs on this record are fully produced songs that did not make the cut for Stay Gold.

All of them have the same power-pop sound.  For the most part, they are sing-a-long songs with heart, soul, and a toe-tapping beat.  Cassette Backs does slow down some and when Butch slows it down, it gets dark and gloomy and sad.

Cassette Backs is a look into how a pop-rock singer-songwriter operates and it is fantastic.  However, I have a biased opinion when it comes to Butch Walker.

My favorite track: Bad Friends

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