Strawbs – Ghosts

When you go to your local record store, what section is your first stop?  New vinyl?  A certain genre of used vinyl?  Do you walk in with something particular in mind?  Or do you do what I do and head straight for the new arrival bin of used records?

I flipped past this album early on during a recent trip to my favorite local record store and the cover gave me the heebie-jeebies.  I moved throughout the store, but I could not get the creepy cover out of my head.  So, naturally, I had to buy it.

This lady on the cover is staring into my soul and I am pretty sure that the kid wants to skin me and make me into another gaudy hat for her.  Or, maybe I am imagining things.

Luckily, the music on this LP is not as creepy as the cover art.

Ghosts is definitely and unmistakable an album from the 70s.  There is a feel to the vocal harmonies and piano-laced folky prog rock that screams bell-bottoms, long hair, and big fat collars.  At times this album is a poor man’s Rush or David Bowie and at other times Ghosts has hints of psychedelic rock mixed, not well, with the grandeur and glam of Alice Cooper.

This record sounds like it is imitating as many of the great acts from the 70s that it can on one piece of wax; Ghosts does not have an identity of its own.  I am sure that this record would be best suited for a weed smoke-filled basement with your friends.  None of them will exclaim “Hey! This Strawbs album is fantastic!”  But, you all will be too high to notice that it really isn’t that good.

My favorite track: Where Do You Go (When You Need a Hole to Crawl In)

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