Mudcrutch – Mudcrutch 2

Imagine that you and your friends from school had a band and you guys were pretty good.  People in your hometown came out to the local bars to see you play, you went to neighboring towns to play shows there, you got a regular gig as a house band, and all the hard work paid off and you got to record a song with a record company.  Then, one day the record company decides that only certain members of your band are actually good enough to make it, so they form a new band with the guys they like and send the rest of you home.  Congratulations, you’re a member of Mudcrutch.

Mudcrutch was apparently a good band, but the record company decided that they would be better off poaching only a few of the members and renaming that band Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers.  However, this story has a happy ending because after 30 years of being his super successful self Tom Petty decided to put the old band back together.

Mudcrutch 2 is, wait for it………the second album from Mudcrutch.  Have you ever heard a Tom Petty album?  Well, Mudcrutch sounds almost exactly the same.  It is bluesy rock with southern roots that sometimes lean a little country and other times a little singer-songwriter.

Tom Petty’s signature vocal sound is all throughout this record, but he does not sing lead on all of the songs.  He steps back a few times and provides backup vocals while the other members take the lead.

The parts of the album that don’t sound exactly like a Tom Petty album kind of musically remind me of country superband Alabama.

This is a solid record that satisfies an itch for new music that sounds like old music.  Also, I imagine that this album sounds better with a little marijuana.

My favorite track: The Other Side of the Mountain

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