Brent Cobb – Shine On Rainy Day

How many times are you pleasantly surprised when something is completely different than you thought it would be?  One of my favorite things about music is that you can spend your money on it and find out that it is completely different than your expectations and that is not a problem.

I saw Brent Cobb’s name on Whiskey Myers’ latest album, Mud, so I ordered his album.  I love their Southern Rock sound and I assumed that Brent Cobb’s sound would be similar.  I could not have been more wrong.

Brent Cobb is a country-folk singer.  But more than that, he sounds like John Denver’s ghost made a baby with James Taylor and they named that baby Brent Cobb.

Shine On Rainy Day is sit-on-the-porch-sipping-a-beer-and-listening-to-an-easy-rain-while-contemplating-how-to-fix-Washington-type of music.  This album is a far cry from what popular country music is right now; there is heart and feeling and meaning to this music.  Shine On Rainy Day is simple and elegant.

Brent Cobb is the other side of the coin from the anti-Nashville establishment movement currently happening in “outlaw” country.  There is no gravel in Brent Cobb’s voice. There is no anger in the music. There is no underlying hate of the system.

Don’t get me wrong, I love that sound, but this sound is so vastly different that it is just as refreshing.

You will not hear this on the radio.


It’s not happening.  But, Shine On Rainy Day is fantastic.  The simplicity of the folkiness is incredible.

My favorite track: Country Bound 

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