Deap Vally – Femejism

Do you ever find yourself torn between hoping that a band you like hits it big and wanting them to stay relatively unknown so that you can stay in the exclusive club of people who know they exist?  I find myself struggling with this dilemma occasionally.

Deap Vally is one of those bands that I love to be able to introduce my friends to.  It is a crime that they are not more well known than they are because Deap Vally absolutely kicks ass.

Remember the girl at school who beat up the mean kid on the playground?  Or your sister’s friend that smoked cigarettes and cussed a lot?  Or your aunt that rides a motorcycle?  Those women are what Deap Vally sounds like to me.  They are rough and tough; they don’t take shit off of nobody, but they have a soft spot for the underdog.

Femejism is raw and unpolished.  It is kick ass garage chick rock.  And I freaking love it.  I love female-led rock bands.  Femejism completely satisfies that itch.

This album is an excellent example of Deap Vally’s unpasteurized sound.  It is not overly produced and that leaves a more organic feeling to the music.  The songs are dirty and rough; they make you grit your teeth and pump your fist.  Femejism is a record from a two-piece rock band that deserves to be compared to the gold standard of two-piece rock bands, The White Stripes.

My favorite track: Two Seat Bike

That song is not on YouTube, so here is the video for another favorite on the album: Smile More

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