Ghost – Opus Eponymous

I love this damn evil band.  I love their style, their sound, and the full immersion into their concept.  The members of Ghost truly are artists.

Opus Eponymous is the first and darkest of their three albums both lyrically and musically.  I am pretty sure spinning this album is a key part to opening the seventh gate of Hell.

Is it actual Satan worship music?  Probably not.  However, Opus Eponymous is full of Satanic imagery and comparisons.  It is not like the cheesy-80s-metal Satanic music, but more of the I-might-be-messing-with-forces-I-don’t-fully-understand-type of Satanic music.

The music is very low-end doom metal.  It sounds like the soundtrack to a heavy metal haunted house.  This record is not headbanging metal so much as it is extremely weighty music; it has a slow and methodical groove.

The heaviness is juxtaposed with Papa Emeritus’ airy and distinct vocal work.  He does not scream; he sings precisely.

There is something about these guys that I just love.

My favorite track: Stand By Him

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