Billy Ray Cyrus – Killing The Blues 

Would you sell your soul for fame and fortune?  It is easy to think that you wouldn’t do it; but imagine that you came face to face with Satan himself and he offered you a multi-million dollar recording contract, millions of record sales, worldwide tours, successful TV shows, and even more for your children.  That is the very deal that Billy Ray Cyrus made.

His name is usually met with scoffs and mentions of a one hit wonder, but his accolades prove otherwise.  Also, Billy Ray Cyrus is respected by upstanding musicians.  Two of those musicians are represented on this 45rpm.

Billy Ray Cyrus’ version of Killing the Blues is slow and painfully emotional.  He sounds like a broken man singing this song and it makes it even more sad.  Shooter Jennings adds to the overarching air of sadness in this recording.

Billy Ray’s cover of I’ve Always Been Crazy is a haunting version of one of Waylon’s classics.  It has a low-end tribal style beat and features Cyrus singing in a relaxed whisper style.  The great Lee Roy Parnell rounds out the echoing eeriness of this song.

I like sad songs.  If I am feeling down I love to put on a record that reflects those feelings.  This may become my new go-to 45 when I’m down.

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