Elton John – 11-17-70

How many times have you had a conversation that starts, usually drunkenly, with “yeah, but who is the greatest ever?”  It is a hard question to answer because there are so many variables.  But, musical greats can usually be narrowed to a short list and agreed upon.  Elton John is most certainly on that list.

I am very familiar with Elton John, but I am not proficient in his catalog; I am especially not proficient in his early work.  That fact, along with the dust on the cover, is what drew me to pick up this album.

11-17-70 is not just a live album, but it is a portion of a live radio broadcast.  There were about 150 people inside the studio and millions of New Yorkers listening live that day to a guy who was pretty new on the scene but was quickly making a name for himself.  I am sure that the people in the studio were not aware of the fact that they were witnessing a legend create musical magic.

The energy on this album is astounding.  Elton’s piano is crisp and his voice is smooth, yet powerful.  He is having fun and that feeling comes through loud and clear.

11-17-70 is 70s piano rock at its finest.  This record is bluesy toe-tapping sing along music that would fit well in a movie soundtrack during a blue-collar working man montage.  There is an undertone of funk that grooves on this album.  11-17-70 flat out jams.

I paid $3 for this album.  That is 300% of the value stated online, but after hearing this record I would gladly pay 10x what I paid.  It is a moment in time perfectly captured on vinyl.

My favorite track: Can I Put You On




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