The Roosevelts – The Greatest Thing You’ll Ever Learn 

Where do you discover new music?  Spotify?  Your friends?  Do you ask about the album that’s spinning in your favorite record store?  Are you old school and listen to the radio?

How about going to shows early enough to catch the opening band?  I am a big advocate for getting to live shows early because I have learned about bands, both new and old, I did not know that I would love.  A few examples of such artists: Shovels & Rope, Trivium, Caroline Rose, and Like A Storm.

You can add The Roosevelts to that list.

The Greatest Thing You’ll Ever Learn is an album that is hard to categorize.  If I had to place it in one specific section of a record store I think it would go in with the country albums……or maybe indie.  Or maybe it would go in the music-your-sister-in-college-and-her-hot-friends-love section.

There is a definite country vibe that runs through the veins of this record.  However, there is so much more to it.  Portions of this album are funky à la Stax Records in the 70s with spacey organs and downbeat basslines.  Other parts of The Greatest Thing You’ll Ever Learn have a Lisa Loeb-esque singer-songwriter feel and some of it sounds like songs Zac Brown Band could include in their repertoire.

If you hate the bearded hipster look and think they are all assholes with their small batch IPAs, pearl button shirts, and Natural American Spirit cigarettes, then don’t look at the album cover because you will automatically judge them and I don’t want you to.  These guys do sell their own beard oil at their merch booth, but I met them and I swear to you that they are nice and normal people.  Just concentrate on the music and you will be fine.

The Greatest Thing You’ll Ever Learn is an album that goes nicely with many moods.  Listen to this record and sit back with a beer after a stressful day, relax before bed, get ready for a night out, or make love on the couch.  Or I suppose that you could oil up your beard while listening, too.

My favorite track: Belly of the Beast

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