Ghost – If You Have Ghost

When I was in middle school I had about with nightmares after watching a Christian documentary called Hell’s Bells: The Dangers of Rock ‘N’ Roll. It was all about how rock n roll music is going to send you to Hell and it scared the ever living shit out of me. There is no doubt that if that documentary was to be made today that Ghost would be prominently featured.

Now I am older and I love this evil band so much.

Ever since I heard Meliora I have been in love with this band. I have seen them live, I follow them on Twitter, and I want to buy all of their albums.  I have seen this EP on sale a few places and I just needed to own it.

This EP was produced by the great Dave Grohl and it sounds just a little bit different than the other Ghost albums I have.  If You Have Ghost is slow and low, doom-y metal musically.  But, the vocals are very careful and melodic; even more so than normal.

Don’t get me wrong it is still evil church music; this EP just has a different feel than the other albums.  It is an easier, almost lighter, and more approachable sound.

It is doom metal lite: all the evil, half the calories.

My favorite track is a Depeche Mode cover: Waiting For The Night

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