Whiskey Myers – Mud

Do you believe in time travel?  Even just a little?  The fact that Whiskey Myers exists in 2016 and not in 1977 is pretty strong evidence that time travel is possible.

This band would fit right in being on tour with Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Marshall Tucker Band, The Allman Brothers, et al.

Mud is southern rock through and through.  This is beer drinking, pick up truck driving, Confederate flag waving, NASCAR watching music.  Don’t get me wrong; this is not a bad thing.

I like Mud because it reminds me of my high school years in Rome, GA.  That is when I discovered Second Helping and Eat a Peach among others.

Mud scratches that southern rock itch.  If rocking piano, bluesy guitars, and soulful back up singers mixed with twang filled vocals are what you are looking for then this record is for you.

I hate that there is nowhere on mainstream radio for this music to live.  It is too new for classic rock stations to play even though it sounds just like the music they play; it is too heavy and lyrically smart for country radio; and it is too twangy for rock stations.  So, if you want to hear this music you are going to have to go to your local record store and pick up a copy.

My favorite track: Frogman

Visit the Blood For Vinyl store

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