Ray Lamontagne – Supernova/Pick Up A Gun

Do you ever hear a song and it immediately makes you think of another?  Me too, but what drives me crazy is when I can’t think of the other song it reminds me of.

Supernova was a Record Store Day exclusive 45rpm in 2014.  Apparently it did not sell well for Sweet Melissa Records in Marietta, GA because they had a lot of copies on hand; lots of copies.

This single is familiar from the very first note.  It is a song that I know that I know and then I realize what it reminds me of.  Supernova sounds exactly like Touch of Grey by Grateful Dead.  I’m not a Dead fan, but I remember that video well enough from my childhood that I recognize this as almost an exact copy.

It is a good song.  It is a fun song.  It is a happy song.  It is a jam band song.  It is a Dead song.

The B-side is Pick Up A Gun.  It is a sleepy kind of psychedelic tune akin to something from Jefferson Airplane.

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