Shooter Jennings – Countach (For Giorgio)

Do you ever buy albums simply to use their covers as decoration?  It is a popular practice because so much effort has been put into designing the album covers that many of them are truly works of art.  If you are looking for a kick-ass 80s style album to put in one of those record frames, look no further than Countach (For Giorgio).

Seriously, look at this thing:

I got a chance to see Shooter Jennings play at DragonCon in Atlanta and was thoroughly impressed.  The show was filled mainly with songs from this album, so I needed to own it.  I also got a chance to meet him and he could not be nicer.

Countach (For Giorgio) is deliciously strange.  Imagine for a moment that the new wave synth pop movement of the 80s was born out of country music instead of punk and top 40 rock & roll.  If that had been the case the result would have been music that sounds very similar to this album.

Shooter Jennings’ outlaw country vocal style is paired with a synthesizer and a fiddle.  But, it totally works.  You can almost taste the 80s new wave influence oozing out of the speakers.

Just when you think the new waviness is too much Countach (For Giorgio) brings you back to a traditional outlaw country sound for a bit.  However, flipping the record over reveals even more 80s-ness.  There is a version of the theme from The Neverending Story featuring Brandi Carlile that made me long for my very own luckdragon.  It is a strange marriage of sounds that the written word can not do justice; you have to hear this record to appreciate it.

My favorite track: I’m Left, You’re Right, She’s Gone

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