Butch Walker – Stay Gold

How many albums in your collection are from artists that most people don’t know?  How many times have you wished that the general public would fall in love with that artist simply because they deserve the recognition?  That is how I feel about Butch Walker.

Butch is from the same area of Northwest Georgia as I am and, because of my radio career, I have had the chance to meet him a few times.  Simply put: he is an incredibly nice and genuine person.

I have no doubt that these factors skew my opinions of Butch’s music.

Stay Gold is pop rock with 80s undertones.  The structure and feel of almost every song on this album has an unmistakable 80s air about it.  For most of Stay Gold Butch has a Springsteen-ness about him that is hard to explain, but it definitely exists.  The horns, the background vocals, the guitar riffs…..there is a lot of music on this record that sounds like Bruce.

The rest of Stay Gold is very much Butch Walker.  They are heartfelt pop-rock songs with intricate and heavy lyrics.  His songs can sound simple on the surface, but a closer listen reveals heavy topics or detailed stories and this album stays true to his norm.

I think his lyrics are what make him so appealing to women.  Guys, in general, do not put as much emphasis on the words of a song.

Stay Gold is the type of album you can put on the turntable for feel good, head bobbing music or you can sit down with a beer and listen to the lyrics and stories that fill up the wax.

I told you that I am biased.  But, I’m serious, too.  If you don’t know Butch Walker do yourself a favor and look him up.

My favorite track: Wilder in the Heart

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