Slightly Stoopid – Chronchitis

You may not buy records blindly, but I highly recommend it.  I love buying an album without knowing any details.  There is something fun and exciting about putting it on the turntable and waiting for that first song to start.

Slightly Stoopid is a band that I’ve only heard of; I had never heard any of their music until I spun this record.

Chronchitis is my first exposure to this band and I really like it.  This album is reggae, but different.  It is reggae mixed with some funk and an almost Motown-esque soul sound.  That sound is hard to put into words; I guess it is just a feeling that I get when I hear certain portions of the album.

Some parts of Chronchitis have a ska edge to the reggae sound, some with hip-hop flare, and others are reminiscent of a jam band.  Seriously, some of this album is like Dave Matthews, Blues Traveler, Phish, or even The Grateful Dead.  However, it is all based in reggae.

Now I know why I found this album in the used vinyl bin of a record store in Charlottesville, VA; it was some stoner college kid cleaning out his dorm and getting rid of stuff.

Chronchitis is great.  Put it on the turntable, sit back with a beer or weed, and relax.  If you have a turntable at the place you stay at while visiting the beach you definitely need to take this record with you.

My favorite track: 2 am

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