Merle Haggard – My Farewell To Elvis

How often are you surprised by what you find while you are digging through albums at your local record store?

There has been so much music recorded and released that none of us can be expected to know about everything.  That is why I enjoy finding albums like My Farewell to Elvis.

I had no idea that this album existed, so when I ran across this record adding it to my purchase was a foregone conclusion.

Why you ask?  First, I have an unhealthy affinity for Elvis music.  I believe him to be the single most important person in music history and I would be glad to explain my reasoning over a few beers.  Secondly, I love real country music and real country musicians.

At best this album is a professional karaoke album.  Sans a couple of tracks, this entire album has that very cheesy and overly simplified karaoke track sound.  I can picture Haggard standing in the back of a Mexican restaurant in front of a thirteen inch television monitor singing along while a group of pre-teen girls waits to sing Martina McBride’s A Broken Wing for the third time this week.

My Farewell to Elvis is not bad.  It is a country legend paying tribute to the most important man music has ever seen, so it can’t be categorized as bad.  But, it is definitely not good.

I like owning this LP, but it probably will not find its way to the turntable very often.

My favorite track: From Graceland to the Promised Land

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